Recent Press/Industry comments:

"Like The Contrast, this veteran Massachusetts garage-rock/psych band made my last playlist. I chose a cover of a Kinks song, but really, their feral garage-rock originals are every bit as good, and among the best in the genre." Ken Barnes - USA Today

"One of the finer garage rock albums of 2007 thus far - when veterans get together and have that creative spark they've worked and honed upon for so many years, this vibrant, vital collection of rock 'n roll is the kind of result that makes all involved proud and fans of the genre excited that it lives on. Very Highly Recommended!" Not Lame Records

"These guys are LOUD! Heavy feedback laced garage sounds on the Beings’ sophomore release.  Includes a super version of Kenny & the Kasuals classic (title track). Plus several excellent originals and a few covers.  The Time Beings have certainly earned their moniker.  Starting life in the Amherst, MA area in the late 70’s, they’ve been dishing out their no-nonsense brand of garage mayhem for nearly as long as Boston’s Lyres." Aram Heller - Stanton Park Records


Preston Wayne Four news ........A work in progress describes the Preston Wayne Four's newest recording project......While still in development, early poll results show this recent undertaking delivering the expected fury and punch along with some cool twists.....In addition, a full slate of shows are being planned for the 2010 and beyond!

Critical response to The Crybabies' debut CD is well known. "Man With Money" was voted the #3 coolest song in the world on the coolest rock and roll radio show in the world, Little Steven's Underground Garage. You can check out the archived shows here. While the Crybabies have recently disbanded, you can still pick up the CD and hear what it's all about...this one's fast becoming a collector's item!

"How The Other Half Lives" is the best cd I've heard this year. Awesome."
                                                                                         - Bill Kelly, WFMU

Still receiving airplay on Sirius Satellite Radio (Underground Garage)....Kenne Highland & His Vatican Sex Kittens' CD Be More Flamboyant is available from Stanton Park Records.


Check out our Real True Facts section, by FO's frontman and rock and roll encyclopedia Bill Perks.

The music of dino Records recording artists The Time Beings and The Preston Wayne Four is featured in the movie Freedom Park. Winner of the Naples Film Festival Independant Spirit Award.

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A Man Called Killer, a 60 minute interview with legendary wrestler Killer Kowalski -RIP, features music by the Foreign Objects and Mighty Ions. The film was produced by Greg Osgood.

The Foreign Objects are still working on the 25+ tracks recorded @ Erik Lindgren's studio. Tunes include some unrecorded/rerecorded nuggets from the past, plus a load of new material. These recordings are unbelieveable. Stay tuned....

The Mighty Ions FACE RAKIN ROCK is now available on Vinyl from Aliensnatch Records. New Artwork and an insert booklet with recently discovered photos is included.

MORE Foreign Objects on new vinyl:

The Foreign Objects "Lose Some Weight" is now available on a vinyl compilation entitled "Shielded By Death - Busted At The Lit" On Germany's Incognito label.
FOs collectors should NOT be without this piece of wax!

Available for $12 Postage Paid from:
Keith Grave
PO box 380152
E. Hartford CT 06138-0152