Real True Facts
by Bill Perks

The Dangers of LSD ~ Lead Singing Drummers

Pete Rivera: Listening to some Rare Earth records on the radio, i was impressed at what a great singer he is. Somebody should have told him that singing and playing drums at the same time is unmusical and it doesn't look right. Have you seen the recent commercial for the Eagles anthology? on the more recent clips , Henley is not playing drums. They show clips of 4 guys strumming stringed instruments and singing, Henley included, and there are no drums in sight. Somebody must have told him to stop doing Lead Singing Drumming. in a related matter, I saw the Band recently on something and they had a second drummer BAD along with Levon Helm who was singing and drumming at the same time BAD and the second drummer was doing back up vocals while drumming BAD....

another LSD lead-singing-drummer is the guy from the romantics and he could chant "what I like about you" . Jim capaldi of Traffic started doing lead singing on the low spark of high heeled boys album, by which time Jim Gordon was added on drums and capaldi played tambourine and sang. So Jim Capaldi did the right thing and does not deserve to be murdered. I saw a Lovin Spoonful website and they still tour. Joe Butler , Steve Boone, and Jerry Yester have three backing musicians and Joe butler no longer plays drums and lead sings at the same time. His voice is very similar to John Sebastian's so I assume that Joe Butler sings lead on all of the old hits.. Their last moderate hit single on the radio had Joe Butler singing, in fact that last Sebastianless album said featuring Joe Butler on it. I wonder if he drummed on the last album or if they had a session guy. I remember seeing Lovin Spoonful albums particularly the later ones in cut out bins all of the time , and how I wish-now that i had them...... Levon Helm , who is an excellent drummer when he is not singing, should know better,,,, I may yet spare Levon Helm ... because his professional career dates back to the time before the Beatles broke through in America so therfore he may be exempt.... However, he should know better... they should have joined forces with the Carpenters and Karen could have played drums when Levon Helm sang, and Levon Helm could have played drums when Karen Carpenter sang.

if you go to the classic rock all stars you can download a recent video of them doing two sugarloaf hits, ride captain ride, and in a gadda da vida and two rare earth hits.... i feel thaT you should download it so at the very least you can have pete rivera on videotape doing lead singing drumming on two rare earth hits. the guy is probably a reaaly good drummer when he plays on the other guys songs,,,,,, if so, it is too bad that he .... is singing lead on his own hits while playing drums... you can link to his web site and email him as well and tell him to stop playing drums and lead singing at the same time.

they just played in connecticut a few weeks ago. checked out their double cd of all hits , a conglomeration of hits from their respective bands, i.e., sugarloaf, iron butterfly , rare earth, cannibal and the headhunters, blues image....... one time i saw iron butterfly on some sunday night PBS show right after Mike Pinera joined in place of Danny Weis.. By that time Iron Butterfly sucked... i ought to chek out the iron butterfly web site... If you can download the classic rock all stars video from their site that would be good.. I feel that it would be worthwhile to have video of Peter rivera doing LSD in your archives..

those photographs of him singing while playing drums look really bad. It looks so wrong. I cringe when i see Levon Helm and Don Henley doing it, and the very first time I saw the Carpenters on Johnny Carson around the time of their first hit, i thought it looked strange, and when i saw the Eagles as an opening act, I thought it looked bad, and when you saw Genesis you probably thought it looked bad and very unmusical...

i mixed up danny weis their first guitarist with erik brann the second guy... it is erik brann who died recently.


I meant to email you about some other things as well, such as creating a War Party, making France occupy Iraq and paying the cost while our own troops keep guns pointed on the French to keep them from running away much like the SS would stand beside Volksturm and Wehrmacht troops to keep them from running, and the creation of Hillary Clinton as the Chief Jay Strongbow of the Democratic party, all good song topics... As far as the WarParty goes, I have been in favor of having 5 or 6 major parties for quite sometime.. The War Party woul;d advocate that the US be at war constantly and have a universal draft and everyone would have to serve in the military for tewnty years including doctors lawyers and other professionals. Released POW,s seem to make good senate candidates , so eventually we would have tons of good senate candidates...

one noticeable difference between republican and democrat controlled administrations and congresses is the level of domestic spending along with the taxation structure that supports these levels, i.e., tax breaks for the wealthy... When the oil company and industrial bigwigs get together to decide what to do on really important matters such as going to war against rogue nations in an oil producing region of the world or formulating economic policy that serves their self interest and then they direct these policies be enacted by executive branches and congresses, is there much difference between Republicans and Establishment Democrats? Though differences exist between Republicans and Democrats on government spending on education, hospitals, aid to the cities and states as well as tax breaks and domestic economic matters, is there much difference between the parties when industrial bigwigss led by the oil companies call the shots behind the scenes.. Howard Zinn has stated that that the Ford/Carter/ Reagan administrations were a continuum of government watching out for the moneyed interests. Let's say the electorate did something radical like elect Al Sharpton president and he proceeded to destroy Wall Street, that state of affairs wouldn't last too long. ,for he would be stopped dead in his tracks in no time at all. Do you think there would be that much difference between an establishment democrat administration and the current administration?

the only way that a democrat can win a presidential election is to be from the south, and co-opt many republican programs. If John Kerry buys himself the nomination, he will get murdered in a general election. If Edwards gets the nomination five years from now , he will have a chance.--- i was hoping that Monica Lewinsky would embark on a political career after those stories broke about her and Clinton. I would like to see her and Hillary oppose each other in a nomination battle someday. If Monica embarks on a political career now, She could become the firsr woman president in about three decades. the nixon library did not open until 1990. do you suppose that the delay had to do with his infamy? another thing that i think is strange was that the death of LBJ passed almost unnoticed. he had picked up a great degree of unpopularity along the way also, although much of it was undesrved. I wonder how long it took to get an LBJ library going? Seems like the 1996 election came and went and is totally forgotten. ---- when President Clinton started to get into all of that trouble and people were calling for his impeachment or resignation, i was opposed to that course of action on the grounds that if the American people voted him into office twice fully knowing what he was, (the second time was a landslide} then the American people should be stuck with him. --- I had never voted for Nixon either but I felt that if the American people voted for him twice, fully knowing what he was, the second time by a landslide, then they should stick with him.


VIC MORROW IS AN ACTOR, RICK JASON'S A STAR. in a related matter Rick Jason's autobiography is available in its entirety on the internet. Relatively little about Combat is in there. He rapidly glosses over it.. i knew somebody once who saw rick jason on the mike douglas show and he sang a song. He said that Rick Jason was the worst off key singer he had ever heard. Now that would be a good song to dig up.. The funny thing about Rick Jason's role on Combat was that he was listed as co star yet he was hardly ever on it except when Vic Morrow was on break from filming. The NON STAR aspect is humorous though hard to describe unless you have seen the show a lot.


Sports is entertainment, no doubt about it. People pay to see a stage spectacle of sports stars... As far as politics goes , I have felt that show business celebrities ought to run for all offices , all the time, and that peolple choose their votes on whether they like that particular celebrity or not.IF ,for example some major state has a senate race between Britney Spears and Ron Howard, then people would cast their vote on how they like a particular celebrities filmwork, or singing ,as the case may be and not have to put any effort into finding out about issues or stands.

The Brady Six Singing

Amateur Night first aired on January 26 ,1973 and was in all probability repeated at some point during the late summer of that year while The rolling stones worked on their album Goat Heads Soup. the little wah wah guitar line at the beginning of ITS A SUNSHINE DAY was extensively utilised by Mick Taylor on Goat Heads Soup and the album Its Only Rock and Roll. The vocal WOO-WOO''s on KEEP ON MOVING were borrowed by the Stones on that song HEARTBREAKER - DOO DOOO DOOO DOOO DOOO DOOOO DOOOO. Mick Taylor being the great musician and guitarist that he is loved that wah wah line and mastered it.
Once the Brady Bunch went off the air in 1974, Mick Taylor announced his departure from the Stones he figured that The Brady Six would stay together as a vocal act once the show was taken off of the air - and that the Brady Six would be touring and recording on a full time basis. Mick Taylor volunteered his services to the Brady Six but his bitchy girlfriend/common law wife did not want him anywhere near Maureen McCormick, THE GREATEST ACTRESS OF ALL TIME and one of the most beautiful women ever to exist. I suppose that if you were a woman, you would not want your significant other to be anywhere near Maureen McCormick either.

Anyway, the singing career of the Brady Six did not continue in any big way because Paramount was reluctant to bankroll it for some stupid reasons that were never publicized and Mick Taylor's career didn't go anywhere either. In fact that bitchy girlfriend of his divorced him and he was bankrupted. Bill Wyman lent him some money to buy some musical equipment so he could tour after his divorce. You all know that show biz is a roll of the dice.

I personally think that both the Brady Six and Mick Taylor as a backing guitarist would have been a great combination. Seeing that Taylor left the Stones to play with the Brady Six and then nothing materialized is a shame. Well there is one good thing however. Mick Taylor didn't have to play with those charlatans Jagger and Richards again.

The Danger of Having Two Drummers

the grateful dead had two drummers and later on leader Jerry Garcia died.
the beach boys used two drummers and later on de facto leader carl wilson died.
the allman brothers used two drummers and later on leader duane allman died along with Berry Oakley.
the doobie brothers used two drummers and leader Tom Johnston was hospitalized near death and had to retire from the band's activities.
the mothers of invention used two drummers and later on leader frank zappa died.

there is also a great danger in using three guitar players.

lynrd skynrd used three guitar players and leader Ronnie Van Zandt died along with Steve Gaines.
the beatles used three guitar players and leader John Lennon was killed by a crazed fan and bassist Stu Sutcliffe died.
the doobie brothers used three guitar players and Tom Johnston was near death.
the beach boys had three guitar players{ Al Jardine, Blondie Chaplin , and de facto leader Carl Wilson } and Carl Wilson died.


if you know of any bands using three guitarists{ the blue oyster cult does this on a few songs} let them know alice cooper used three guitarists on stage though Mick Mashbir was never a band member so leader alice cooper never died. Glen Buxton died because of self inflicted health problems and was not the band leader. Had Mick Mashbir been made a sixth Cooper officially, chances are that Alice Cooper would have died being the band leader.

The Partridge Family

the partridge family tv show made its debut in september of 1970. a few months previously the BEATLES broke up when their industry contacts told them of the impending debut of the partridge family so the beatles quit while they were still on top to secure their place in history.
they were able to outlast HERMAN mania and MONKEEmania but they knew they couldn't pull it off a third time in their by now weakened state. the previous year they had taken one of the worst songs they had ever done COME TOGETHER and actually put it out as a single. so they made a point of hanging it up when they learned that the partridge family was coming

a few weeks after the partridge family went on the air both jimi hendrix and janis joplin decided to hang it up also. and to think that the partridge family still didn't have a good drummer yet.

the producers of the show decided to recruit BRIAN FORSTER to take the place of JEREMY GELBANKS on drums for the second season.

when JIM MORRISON found out that the partridges were getting a good drummer , he decided to retire from music and then hung it up altogether a few months later. the second season came on in september of 1971 and when Duane Allman saw the Partridges with a good drummer, he flipped and in an agitated state went out on a motorcycle ride. He was livid that the Partridge Family had a good drummer and that his own Dullman Brothers band had 2 drummers and they both were terrible.
Allmans Bassist Berry Oakley lived with this situation for about a year and then he got angry enough to go out for a motorcycle ride also.

Hendrix should not have given up so easily. I am sure that once the careers of various participants took their course , Hendrix would have gotten the chance to jam with Danny Bonaduce and Brian Forster , and David Cassidy would loved to have Hendrix play on some of his records in due time.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

most of you know by now that the emergence of the partridge family caused the beatles to break up as well as other related events such as jimi hendrix and janis joplin abandoning their careers and lives in the process. but don't underestimate paul mccartney. he was one smart guy. when he formed wings he borrowed freely from the partridge family and in doing so prolonged his already sucessful career.

First off, he and Denny Laine got David Cassidy haircuts. Then he put Linda McCartney behind a keyboard doing nothing a la Laurie Partridge. When Brian Forster became the Partridge Family drummer in 1971, Paul McCartney taught Wings drummer Denny seiwell how to play Brian Forster drum lines.

When the Partridge Family went off the air, Denny Seiwell was at a loss and had to leave wings and Paul played drums for awhile until he got Joe English to play drums. VCR's were not available then and McCartney had a lot of problems trying to teach Joe English how to play Brian Forster parts. Then VCR's became available a few years later and the search was on for a new drummer. McCartney selected Lawrence Juber as a drummer because he could pick up Brian Forster parts off of video tapes. Also McCartney himself played tons of Danny Partridge lines on his bass all of this time.

Van Halen

DO YOU KNOW WHY van halen used two amplifiers when he recorded????? ---- BECAUSE MIKE MITCHELL WAS PLUGGED INTO ONE OF THEM. The band members did not know he was there. he stood behind a baffle and only the engineer and producer knew he was there. Eddie van Halen thought he was there to set up the microphones and plug in cables. Then Mike Mitchell would stand behind a baffle and play in secret while VAN Halen played.

How is this for a band?

i feel that they could have easily been as good as journey or fleetwood mac:

Maureen McCormick - vocals and guitar
Barry Williams vocals and guitar
Susan Olsen- vocals and bass
Mike Lookinland Vocals and Piano and organ
Eve Plumb - Vocals and Davy Jones instruments
Robbie Rist Drums and backing vocals only.

this could have materialized. the talent and abilty are there. if your wondering about chris knight - he probably would make a great lighting technician or a road manager. I really think that they could have modeled themselves after Fleetwood Mac or Jefferson Starship and made it big. They would have been as big as The Police and U2. In fact they would have been bigger since they have an enormous wealth of quality lead singers. They even have more lead singers than Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles.


Special thanks to Howard W Campbell Jr