Themes From Wayne Manor Tracks:

  1. El Aguila
  2. Double A Fueler
  3. Section 12
  4. Dialed In
  5. Summer Nationals
  6. Kumbaya
  7. Mile 77
  8. The Hearse
  9. Theme From Wayne Manor
  10. Flamethrower
  11. Malone's Mustang
  12. Hardtop
  13. O.U.I.
Preston has been blastin' out eardrums for a quarter of a century now and shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. From early Worcester punks such as Hooker and Crazy Jack and the Heart Attacks, thru a stint with legendary Boston garage punks DMZ, up through Worcesters Odds and the Time Beings, Preston has developed his own unique sonic style. The "King of the Whammy Bar" reinvents the rock n roll intrumental with the 13 tracks presented here.

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