Gemini On A Full Moon Tracks:

  1. Scorpio Queen
  2. She's My Best Bette
  3. Melt Away
  4. Girl With The Dangerous Curves
  5. Gemini On A Full Moon
  6. There She Goes Again
  7. Everybody's A Lyre

A founding member of Indiana's pre-punk legends the Gizmos, Kenne Highland knows how to make great rock 'n' roll music. Classically styled rhythms rooted in rock 'n' roll's early days and more recently, recalls the madness of Jeff 'Monoman' Connolly (of DMZ and the Lyres) or even the bite of the Dead Boys. A full guitar sound that's driving more than noisy and a Johnny Thunders-styled lead guitar takes center stage. Highland's voice has got power. As an ex-Marine, he's learned how to choose his weapons well and use them with deadly force.

- Mark Murmann,

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