Face Rakin Rock Tracks:

  1. George "The Animal" Steele
  2. Andy & Bill
  3. Australopithecus
  4. Big Noise
  5. Rasslin' Rap 1
  6. We Want The Belts
  7. Roger's Corner
  8. Say Somethin' Stupid
  9. Sad Girl
  10. Rasslin' Rap 2
  11. Pedro Morales
  12. The Claw
  13. Bill Tupper Rap
  14. She Won't Shut Up
  15. Time To Get Outta This Place
  16. Working Stiff
  17. Incident In Kenmore Square
  18. One Of Those Girls
  19. Government Workers
  20. See A Shrink
  21. Next Big Thing
  22. Tonight We Fight
  23. Somebody's Gonna Get Their Heads Kicked In Tonight
  24. Don't Talk To Me


The Mighty Ions overlooked, obscure, and in fact totally unknown outside of a handful of Boston clubgoers were one of the first rock and roll bands to fuse the lunacy of garage punk and a love of professional wrestling. Sure, the Dictators and Foreign Objects (the latter also Massachusetts lads) were mining the same lode, but this whacked-out quartet was even cruder and sillier and catchy as a jeans commercial on almost every one of its three-minute romps.

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